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Welcome to DDungård, LLC

Dungård is a Norwegian Fjord Horse breeding and training farm, owned by Dan Watanabe & Denise Vogel. It is currently located in Valley, Washington. Dungård is dedicated to excellence in Norwegian Fjordhorses that exemplify the breed's character and convey their Power, Elegance and irresistible Charm!  


Norwegian Fjordhorses


We have a small breeding program which represents top quality blood-lines from North America and Europe and are working to establish national and international partnerships that promote quality, genetic diversity and, by extension, long term sustainability in the breed. From the very beginning we have chosen to focus on versatile, highly capable Fjords and innovative training methods. 

Dungård's stallions are top quality, yet different from each other and very complementary. 

We are standing at stud our gorgeous grey dun German import stallion, Tsjalle, and our magnificent white dun stallion OFI Siljar. Our junior stallion Prince Maximus  Sur Mer successfully started his first breeding season in 2019.

For 2020 Maximus will be available for outside mares March-April in WA and May-September in Capac, MI. 

Tsjalle and Siljar will be standing for breeding at our farm in Valley, WA from April forward and are available via live cover and fresh- chilled, shipped semen. 

Check back regularly for exciting developments!   


Brockamp Pads

We are very proud to be the only North American dealer for Brockamp Special Bareback pads and treeless saddle pads.  Visit our online shop and order your pad today!


New 2019 Fillies


We are very excited to add some high quality mares and fillies to our herd this year! Besides our three lovey fillies DD Jorina (Siljar x Havenwood's Jorun), DD Silvianna (Tsjalle x Silvia) and DD Flora (Thorsten x LVG Faksi), which we bred, we are thrilled to add another high quality filly to the weanling gang. Lost Creek Chestry (Tsjalle x BDF Winnifred) is a beautiful red dun filly and a true hot rod! 

New Broodmares


 It always comes different than expected. We hadn't planned on adding more horses to the herd, but couldn't pass on adding a couple high-quality, older mares to the broodmare band over the summer. Introducing our new white dun mare Ironwood Helena (OH Wynn x  FC Madellin) and red dun mare Ironwood Danne Ekstrom (Ironwood Blitzen x Helle). Both 14 years old, Helena is confirmed in foal to Maximus and Danne is confirmed in foal to Tsjalle for 2020 foals. 

New Location


 Dungård has moved to it's new location in Valley, WA. The new farm is still under construction, and a diamond is the rough. We have 16 acres of horse set up, 30 acres in alfalfa/grass, 18 acres of forest and about 420 acres in grass. The Colville river and Jump off Joe creek run through the property. 

The horse set up features a 66 x 108 feet indoor riding area with a 20' lean-to and a 100+ year old wood barn, which we are planning on restoring.  

New Owners



Congratulations to all customers adding a new Fjord to their family. We are more than pleased with the awesome homes our Fjords found in 2019.

Congratulations to:

Melissa Wallace on her purchase of Hall Mountain's Siri and her cute colt Gunnar by Siljar! 

Iris and Jason Gardener on their purchase of DD Findus and DD Simba!

Mindy Newby on her purchase of DD Satchmo!

Sara Jongsma on her purchase of DD Taro Locke!

Beth Huffman on her purchase of DD Tajo!

Ashley Raph on her purchase of DD Tjalve!

Ginny Arnold on her pucrhase of DD Tjorn and Princess Mylena Sur Mer!

We wish everyone a wonderful and bright future with their Fjords! 

New Broodmare for 2019/2020


 We would like to welcome Vikkelsoes Kunst to our brood mare herd for 2019/2020. She is confirmed in foal to Smedsmo Graen for a spring 2020 foal and will be bred back to Siljar. A HUGE thank you to Wendy Bauwens for entrusting us with her beautiful girl!  

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