Equikinetic was created by Michael Geitner from Germany. It is a lunging system, which is simple and extremely effective. The trainer/rider is lunging the horse in bend with timed periods of rest and work. Interval training is not just successful for humans, it is also successful for horses of any breed, age, training level. It works with sporthorses, trail horses, youngstock and injured horses. 

 A horse needs muscles to carry a rider. Equikinetic helps the horse to stay fit, improve the rideability and encourages the horse to be more focused. It is based on the isokinetic (iso= equal, kinetic =movement) principle. It means that the muscle groups get trained equally during the work periods. That’s why the work periods need to have the same length and intensity.
Equikinetic is efficient and is meant to be done in conjunction with other riding and driving activities. Everyone can do it! 


Why is Equikinetic good for my horse?


  • It encourages symmetrical development
  • It encourages correct muscling
  • It encourages efficient movement
  • It encourages suppleness, bend and balance
  • It encourages mental focus
  • It encourages a relationship based on trust
  • It is excellent for reconditioning after periods of decreased activity (winter, foaling, injury)
  • May improve issues related to chronic pain e.g. Degenerative Joint Disease

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