Breeding Plan


In-Utero Purchase

You saw a cross you can't resist? We are selling foals in-utero with a live foal guarantee!

Custom breeding

You have an eye on one of our mares in particular and are interested in a foal out of her and a stallion of your choice? Contact us, we are happy to make arrangements!

Broodmare leasing

You would love to have a foal and would like to be there when it's born, but you don't own a mare? We are offering a small selection of mares for off-the-farm broodmare leases!

Multiple foal discounts

You can't decide which foal to add to your family and have room for more? We are always happy to have our babies go together and are excited to make you a package deal!


Your dream foal is born, but you can't afford to pay it off right away? No problem! We are happy to put you on a payment plan or can potentially incorporate a foal back deal. Feel free to contact us to see what we can work out! 

Mare leasing

You own a mare and feel she should be bred, but don't necessarily want add another horse or life comes in the way and you don't have a lot of time for her? We would be excited for your mare to come to our farm and become a broodmare for us for a year! Contact us, to find out more!