Norwegian Fjord Horses are known for their versatility. That is why at Dungård, we train our horses in multiple disciplines. We believe that diversified training makes the horse mentally and physically healthier, stronger and more satisfied.

Part of Dungård’s mission is to introduce the revolutionary training methods, Equikinetic and Dualactivation. New to North America, both have been highly successful in Germany with everything from ponies to warmbloods and represent a systematic, balanced technique for both lunging (Equikinetic) and riding (Dualactivation). They have been scientifically developed and proven based on both physiological and behavioral research of the horse.

Both Equikinetic and Dualactivation encourage the horse to develop gradually and symmetrically, without overusing the muscles and thereby frustrating the horse. Both methods employ the use of interval training with alternating periods of work and rest. This provides the horse with prescribed physical and mental release during each training session. Equikinetic and Dualactivation not only help the horse to find its own balance and become straight, a key for collection, but foster a relationship of trust and respect between the horse and handler.

Both training methods are not attached to a specific discipline, but represent cross-training methods that are a great addition to any other riding and/or driving training.