Prydarson x Skjenna Gard Fjorgyn by Felix

LVG Faksi

Faksi is an absolutely beautiful grey dun mare, bred by my friend Debbie Benson and purchased from Longview Grange in 2016. She is DIF Ronja's half-sister and DIF Megan's aunt.  Genetically, Faski is a great combination of lines we already have and love with Prydarson, Felix and Flotren in a beautiful grey package. 


We love Faksi's ...

  • beautiful head and neck
  • style
  • pedigree



Faksi had her first foal in 2019, a beautiful filly by Thorsten (Torsetblakken x Thilde by Plutonikk). I bred Thorsten via imported frozen semen from Norway and have loved his mother Thilde, who is much missed. We are happy to have DD Flora remain in our program and see these genetics get bred forward.

We are planning on breeding Faksi again in 2020.


 For us, Faksi is simply gorgeous inside and out. We started her under saddle last summer and she was just spectacular. 

 We are very excited to see how she will develop as a riding horse and how she will cross with our stallions in the future.