The color doctrine

 Equikinetic and Dualactivation are like brain jogging for horses. It is based on multiple studies that horses memorize visual stimulus differently from humans.
Horses can see with both eyes independently and focus with each eye on different things simultaneously. For example, in nature, this is what enables horses to see a puma with one eye and look for a way to run away with the other eye.

If a horse notices something with his left eye, it gets recorded in the right part of the brain – and vice versa. The amount of information shared between the halves of the horses' brain is only about 15 to 20%.
This is why some horses spook at an obstacle, even though they have already seen it from the other side.

Horses are dichromate and not trichromate like humans...
The contrast of blue and yellow has the highest stimulus for the horse. Basically, with the Dualactivation and Equikinetic you are stimulating both parts of the brain (through the eye) at the same time. This increases the amount of information exchanged between parts of the brain and the amount of total brain activity. The result is that the horse becomes more focused. If a horse is more focused it becomes more coordinated in its movement and more balanced (balance of the brain = balance of the whole horse). With blue and yellow foam beams or cones, the horse has stimuli on both sides and is not just “looking with one eye”. Even though the exercise does not look difficult for a human, it is hard physical and mental work for the horse.