Orka x Lilli by Kvest Halnaes


Lillian is a super sweet red dun mare with an outstanding German/Danish pedigree,who joined the herd in early 2015. At only 13.2 hh, Lillian is our smallest mare, but she is built correctly to move and perform. 


We love Lillian's

  • cuteness
  • color
  • that she is so uncomplicated



 Lillian had a cute colt by Skogheims Viljar in 2016 and has produced an adorable colt, DD Satchmo, in 2018 with Siljar. In 2019 she gave birth to DD Tjalve, a very leggy and beautiful red dun colt by Tsjalle. (pictured to the right)

 We are super happy with this cross and have decided to bred her back to Tsjalle for 2020!


Lillian believes that her only purpose in life is to look cute and she is extremely good in that!  

In general, Lillian is uncomplicated regarding riding and breeding and a lot of fun to be around. She has an amazing ability to round through the neck and poll and bring her back up. This makes it possible for her to carry an average rider and show her lovely movement. 

Lillian's sire Orka is a son of the famous German stallion Ohlsen. Both are fantastic movers and have had a great influence on the breed. Her dam Lilli is a German import as well and is a Kvest Halsnaes daughter.