Ironwood Blitzen x Helle by Monar

Danne Ekstrom

Danne is an eye catching red dun mare, who joined our program in August 2019. She is a long-built mare with supple movement and a sweet disposition. She has a really dark red dun coat color, which makes her pop out among the others.


We love Danne's....

  • supple movement
  • that she is easy to breed
  • dark red color



We are pleased that Danne is confirmed in foal to Tsjalle for her first foal in 2020!


Danne is a Gjest (pictured to the left) granddaughter ad her dam line is going back to the import stallion Solar. Knowing how well Gjest offspring are crossing with Tsjalle, we were excited to ad her to the herd as a broodmare and pleased that she conceived as a 14 year old maiden mare with only one cover. We have no doubt that she will cross well with our other stallions.