Prydarson x Aroy Eimina by Ronnjo

DIF Ronja

DIF Ronja is a filly that we wanted before she was even born. Ronja is a very leggy and well put together filly with a super cute head and a princess-like attitude.


We love Ronja's.....

  • cute head
  • long legs
  • dam line


  Our friends Pat and Warren Hofert purchased Ronja's dam, the Norwegian Import mare Arøy Eimina in 2017, who I saw in Norway as a three day old filly and would have bought her had she been for sale at that time. Her sire, Ronnjo, 1pr. (9,9,8,9,9), is by Mykletind, 1 pr.(10-9-9-9-9) and very closely related to the stallion Torsetblakken. Not only is Eimina's sire line really strong, her dam line, going back from the 1pr. mare Eidny to Kim Hero, Haugio and Ernarson is full of 1pr and 2pr ancestors.
Eimina produced a very nice colt with Prydarson in 2017 for Bob Long and we were lucky to receive Ronja, her first filly, who is sired by Prydarson as well. Prydarson is currently the highest evaluated Fjord stallion in the NFHR and has produced some very nice foals.

Ronja is a half sister to our lovely grey dun mare LVG Faksi. We can definitely see that these girls are out of the same mold.