Tsjalle x Silvia by Frederik Skova

DD Silvianna

Silvianna is just the foal we were hoping to get... a big and beautiful filly out of Silvia, and will take over her mom's place in our breeding program. I imported Silvia from Norway in 2007 and won the PNFPG Versatility Award with her, but we feel it's time to go forward with the next generation.  


We love Silvianna's....

  • pedigree
  • cute head
  • big leggy body


Silvianna is sired by our German import stallion Tsjalle, so Silvianna has imports on both sides of her pedigree! Tsjalle was imported in 2018 and Silvianna is his first filly in North America, but she is also Silvia's first filly. She is very calm, sweet and has a trusting personality. As the icing on the cake, Silvianna is grey and red recessive!  We have no doubt that she will mature into an all around Fjord and we are happy to have her in the program.