OFI Siljar x OFI Greta by Bluebird Lane Griffon

DD Princessa

Princessa is the first filly that we bred that carries the new DDungård "DD" prefix. She is everything we hoped for and the first filly hitting the ground since 2012 on my farm! She definitely got her mom's super sweet disposition and daddy's confidence.  


We love Princessa's ...

  • conformation
  • super sweet disposition
  • style


 Princessa aka "Dan's Greta" is an independent girl with a very balanced body and a well formed neck. She has shown that she is very talented and LOVES to jump ...just like her mom. She is super sweet and loves people.
We picked the name "Princessa" for her to refer to the Norwegian Fjord mare "Birkelid Prinsessa", who has the same grandfather as her mother, Greta, and looks almost like a copy of her.
We are hoping that Princessa will step into their hoof prints and we are certain that she will add great value to the brood mare band in the future