Meet our 2019 foals
DD Taro (Tsjalle x Ani by Peppertree's Christian)
DD Tajo (Tsjalle x DIF Megan by Mogly) 04/21/2018
DD Jorina (Siljar x Havenwood's Jorun by Anvil's Lyst)
DD Silvianna (Tsjalle x Silvia by Frederik Skovå) 05/03/2018
Silvianna is just the filly we were hoping to get! She has a beautiful, refined head, is big and leggy and has a great disposition. Silvianna likes to move (unlike her mom), but is also calm, gentle, friendly and really likes people. We just love how this cross worked! Silvianna will take over her mom's place in the breeding program and we are excited to see how our first filly by Tsjalle will mature.
Jorina is a breathtaking white dun filly out of our red dun mare Jorun and by Siljar. We just love how this cross worked! She is leggy, has good bone but is still refined and has a beautiful eye. Jorina has shown from the first minute that she has a HUGE personality and we are thrilled to raise this beauty and see how she matures!
The Easter Bunny brought us this stunning grey dun colt out of our Mogly daughter Megan! Tajo has not just an impressive pedigree (Tsjalle/Mogly/Prydarson), but beautiful conformation and a very sweet disposition. He is Megan's first foal and we are very impressed with the quality she produced and also how easy, calm and confident she is as a first time mother!
Taro, the first foal born at Dungård this year and Tsjalle's first foal in North America! He is super athletic, fun and extremly functional. Taro is named after his grandfather (Tsjalle's sire) and has the Japanese meaning "first son born" and indicates the following traits... "strong, heroic, masculine, abundance, prolific, melodious, stand up, upright, watchtower". We thought his name is suites him in every way.
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DD Flora (Thorsten x LVG Faksi by Prydarson) 05/01/2019
Born on May Day, Flora is named after the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. This leggy filly is by Thorsten (Torsetblakken x Thilde by Plutonikk) and out of LVG Faski (Prydarson x Skjenna Gard Fiorgyn by Felix). We are very happy to now have something from Thilde back in the program, who we lost to a strangulating lipoma in November. Welcome Flora, our little flower!
DD Tjalve (Tsjalle x Lillian by Orka) 05/08/2018
This guy has it all! Tjalve is super functional RED DUN colt out of our Orka daughter, Lillian, and by Tsjalle. He is beautifully put together and also has a very gentle and friendly mind.