Our white dun stallion Siljar left Dungård to spend the 2019 breeding season with our friends Pat and Warren Hofert at Dun In Farm in Capac, Michigan! We are very excited to see how he will cross with their super high quality mares and he will be available for outside mares as well. Feel free to contact us or Pat and Warren for more information!

Pat and Warren Hofert, Dun In Farm
Capac, MI
(810) 395-7107
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OFI Siljar

PO BOX 793
Loon Lake
WA 99148
(360)631 3562
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First Tsjalle foal born 04/15/19 in North America!

DD Taro (Tsjalle x Ani by Peppertree's Christian) is named after his grandfather and the word Taro coming from Japanese means "first son" and indicates the following traits... "strong, heroic, masculine, abundance, prolific, melodious, stand up, upright, watchtower" Not only is he Tsjalle's first born son in North America, but the name and all that it indicates suits him in every way!

Congratulations to Sara Jongsma on her choice of DD Taro! With her, he will be raised as a breeding stallion in Central California. We are so extremely happy to see this wonderful guy take his place in her program and are excited to see him mature and progress under her tutelage

Congratulations to Iris and Jason Gardner on their purchase of DD Findus AND DD Simba! We are so happy that they are going together to such a wonderful home and to be in the neighborhood! Even though we were not really intending to sell Findus, we can truly see that he is just going to be the perfect match for you and anticipate a bright and joyful future for both of them with you!
Foaling season at Dungård has started off with Tsjalle's first colt out of Ani, DD Taro, and followed by a grey dun colt by Tsjalle out of DIF Megan, DD Tajo. Our red dun mare, Havenwood's Jorun, went 10 days late and brought us a beautiful filly, DD Jorina, by Siljar. After having so many colts over the last years, we are excited to also have a filly out of LVG Faksi, DD Flora, sired by Thorsten and a very nice Tsjalle filly, DD Silvianna, out of Silvia this year. Our Orka daughter, Lillian, produced a stunning red dun colt, Tjalve, with Tsjalle.

See the "Our Foals" - page to meet all babies and to see more pictures.

We are only waiting on one more foal out of DHF Lilly by Tsjalle.
Foaling Season